Protect yourself and your loved ones (Testimonials Campaign)

Method of commnunication
  • TV spots
  • Radio spots

news & reportages on newspaper/TV/radio




TV spot views

In 2016, in order to drastically change the community’s perception of the harmful effects of tobacco, an initiative to develop a communication campaign on preventing harms of secondhand smoke entitled “Protect yourself and your loved ones” was launched, focusing on stories from a true victim of secondhand smoke.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong, a young teacher in Thanh Oai – Hanoi, became the representative for this campaign. Ms. Huong’s stories of the pain caused by lung cancer were pervasive and powerful for the community, receiving possitive sharing and feedback from viewers on vn0khoithuoc Facebook fanpage.

The campaign revolved around TV spots about Ms. Huong’s stories, as part of the second phase of the campaign “Women make smoke-free home” launched by the Vietnam Women Union, with the support of the Vital Strategies. By the end of February 2017, the campaign has proven to be a great success, creating a remarkable turning point in the fight against tobacco harms in Vietnam.

Images on the event to introduce this campaign

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong, who represented the campaign, had accompanied and supported the continuation of the campaign until her decease in November 2018.


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