Campaign overview


Cigarettes are eating you alive (Phase 2)

Method of communication

Indoor LCD screen at

locations in the North

locations in the South


provinces and cities nation-wide

Following the success of the 2009 campaign, the two clips entitled “Cigarettes are eating you alive” and “Cigarettes are eating your baby alive” were re-used in 2011 on LCD screens located in public places which gathered large target audience, such as buildings, supermarkets, hospitals, public transport stations, bus stops and booking offices. The LCD campaign was organized during 5 weeks from November 7<sup>th</sup> to December 9<sup>th</sup> 2011 in 25 cities and provinces nation-wide, using 3.370 LCD screens displaying a total of 303.300 apppearances per day. According to a post-campaign survey, 81.4% of respondents said they were paying attention to these messages, of which 97.5% agreed with a regulation banning smoking in public places.

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