About us

The Tobacco Control Program in Vietnam – entitled “vn0khoithuoc” – was established in 2009 with the mission of protecting Vietnamese people’s health and life against the invisible harms of Tobacco.

Benefited from the management of the Vietnam Public Health Association with technical support of Vital Strategies, vn0khoithuoc provided crucial contributions to the movement aiming at reducing tobacco uptakes, minimizing exposure of women, children, young generation and families from secondhand smoke, and building a smoke-free environment in smoke-free public places as defined by the Tobacco Control Law.

Our partner. The Vietnam Public Health Association (VPHA)

The Vietnam Public Health Association (VPHA) is a social, professional organization of volunteers who work in Public Health field. It was founded in December 2002 with its central office in Hanoi, business license, seal, logo, voice and independent finance.


VPHA brings individuals to work together in public health to promote cooperation and mutual support, create forums for exchanging ideas, knowledge and experience to advocate public health policy, research, intervention and development.

We work with governments, national and international partners to improve the following areas:

  • Policy advocacy
  • Public health practice model
  • Public health practice model
  • Public health research and training centre

Website www.vpha.org.vn

Our partner. Vital Strategies

We envision a world where everyone is protected by a

strong public health system


$120 million


73 countries



Vital Strategies is a leading global public health organization and a trusted partner of governments and civil society organizations around the world. We provide technical assistance that leads to large-scale, sustainable gains in health. We advocate for evidence- based health policy in national ministries of health and within the offices of city mayors. We help governments create systems that properly record their country’s births and deaths, often for the first time. We create campaigns that change individual health behaviors and build support for legislation ranging from smoke-free cities to national taxes on sugary drinks. And much more.

At our core is a vision of a world where everyone is protected by a strong public health system. To achieve this, we use our deep expertise in epidemiology and surveillance, strategic communication, institutional strengthening, research, evaluation, and policy advocacy. With these proven public health tools, we are primed to take on new opportunities from start to finish and to bring global best practice to new locales.

Vital Strategies has offices in New York City, Brazil, China, France and Singapore, and our team members live and work in 73 countries. Our programs are predominantly in low- and middle-income countries and cities.

Vital Strategies builds on the strong foundation and accomplishments of our merged legacy organizations, World Lung Foundation and Union North America. We have expanded our expertise in noncommunicable disease prevention, environmental health and urban health to make even greater progress on the critical issues of our time. Specific areas of focus include tobacco control, data for health, cardiovascular health, road safety, overdose prevention, air quality, obesity prevention and tuberculosis research.

We have seen rapid growth over the past five years, as our capacities expanded to meet new challenges. With our budget increasing from $30 million in 2014 to $120 million in
2018, we have grown to more than 400 people. We have proven to be nimble and capable of meeting every new commitment we’ve made to advance strategies proven to improve health around the world.

To find out more about Vital Strategies and our tobacco control efforts, please visit www.vitalstrategies.org/programs/tobacco-control/ or Twitter @VitalStrat.

Our mission

Raise awareness
of TC Law compliance

Protect women and children from secondhand smoke

Encourage and provide solutions for quitting

Call for support on tobacco tax raise

1. Raise awareness of TC Law compliance

2. Protect women and children from secondhand smoke

3. Encourage and provide solutions for quitting

4. Call for support on tobacco tax raise

900000 people died from secondhand smoke.


According to reports from WHO, about 7 million people died from tobacco-related diseases every year, 900,000 among which died from secondhand smoke.

Join us to prevent tobacco damages so that none of us would become the next victim.

Things you can do


Smoke-free Vietnam

Email. vn0khoithuoc@gmail.com

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