Campaign overview


Supporting Vietnam National Tobacco Control Legislation

Related policy

TC law approved by National Assembly class XIII (18/6/2012)

Method of communication

news & reportages on newspaper/TV


SMS sent to 200.000 mobile subscribers  

tin nhắn



In order to call for the support of the public – especially young people – for the approval of the draff TC Law at the 3rd phase of the 13th annual National Assembly Meeting, World Lung Foundation coordinated with the Youth Union in a mobile media campaign to support the approval of the TC Law through SMS and online petition. The whole campaign was implemented from May 10th to June 18th 2012, earning nearly 6.000 votes, including nearly 3.000 SMS votes and over 3.000 votes on the website.

Some images in this campaign

The campaign also marked the launch of the website in the form of a temporary microsite.

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